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Name: Ahavah Eira
Location: Wanderer
Occupation: Jedi Padawan
Hobbies: Training her new pet, a bearded Jax named Ahiga
Date registered 07.22.2010
Last online: 07.29.2010
Sex: female


Ahavah's parents and planet of origin are unknown. She was found in the wreckage of a crashed starship when she was around 2 years old. Authorities in Theed took her to the local orphanage and the crash was cleaned up without any investigation being done. The orphanage was not a happy place for Ahavah as it was run by corrupt, uncaring imperial lackeys.

At age 10 she ran away and eventually found herself in the swamps outside Moenia. Some Gungan locals who were on friendly terms with the townsfolk showed Ahavah how to fish and forage for food. She was doing quite well on her own and then one morning a Rebel soldier stepped out of the fog and took her prisoner. Back at the Rebel camp, Ahavah was questioned by the squad leader and treated like a possible spy. Eventually the rebels realized she was just some poor orphaned kid trying to fend for herself. They took her in, offering her food, fresh clothes, and a cot in the supply tent. It was not long before Ahavah joined the Rebel Alliance and trained as a commando. With her uncanny ability to see events before they happened, she became a valued member of her squad.

As she grew older, Ahavah often wondered what happened to her family. Occasionally she would encounter someone who she had never met but who had something familiar about them. She started asking these people if they knew her, hoping to find someone she was related to or who could tell her what became of her parents. One night in the Mos Eisley cantina one such person, a Jedi Knight, hinted to Ahavah that going around asking such questions could get her into big trouble if not dead. Disheartened by this news, Ahavah gave up approaching those who she would later come to find out were "Force Sensitive".

As the years passed Ahavah put aside her search for her past and focused on her career within the Rebel Alliance, eventually rising to the rank of Squad Leader. She was good at her job and she took satisfaction in knowing that everything she did was to help bring about an end to the tyranny of the Empire and to restore peace and freedom to the galaxy. One night after completing a week long mission on Tatooine, Ahavah was relaxing in the Lucky Despot cantina in Most Eisley. Sensing that old feeling of someone familiar, she looked up to see a tall, handsome man approaching her. He smiled and introduced himself. She felt immediately at ease with the stranger and allowed him to share her table.

Taking a chance, she told the mysterious stranger that he seemed familiar and yet she was sure they had never met before. With a kind smile the stranger explained that he was a Jedi Master named Anethi Fox and that she, Ahavah, a simple Rebel soldier, was sensing the Force surrounding him and that was why he seemed so familair. They fell into conversation and as he spoke Ahavah found the answers to many questions. She questioned the Jedi master eagerly, trying to learn all she could. That night, Anethi accepted Ahavah as his Padawan learner and her journey toward becoming a Jedi began. She resigned from active duty with the Alliance to study with Anethi full time.

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Hi Guys,I am not clear on the function/role of the high council. When I played on Sunrunner the Jedi guild I was in used the council like a popularity contest. They were a little clique of friends, mostly non-role players and they took their positions way too seriously. In fact it was so bad it broke up the guild. Overall the most important thing is that nobody on the council gets a big ego and starts thinking that in r-l they are somehow better than everyone else because in a game they are top ...


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