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Asel of Tandosha

Born in 16 BBY, Asel hatched on the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyk. His father, Haddocrassk, is the current Speaker-Above-All for the Doshan people. Because of his teachings Asel learned much in the way of diplomacy and politics. He also picked up his father's habit of living extravagantly, owning overly expenisve vehicles and pets. His mother's name is now and forever stricken from Doshan scripture for her horrific and destructive enslavement of the Wookie people. She taught Asel the art of killing and of the traditional Doshan ways. His mother's brother, Pekt, was the infamous Doshan who designed the Avatar Orbital Platform.

When he was 4, Asel was present for the Imperial-Trandoshan Treaty involving the construction of the Avatar Platform, the trade agreement of wookie slaves, the exchange of territory of Kashyyk, and over-all assistance in the Galaxy. During a tense negotiation, Lord Vader arrived to "persuade" the Doshan people to give up a resource-rich canyon south of the Ettyyy Valley. Vader managed to mind-trick the Elder Doshans, including Asel's father into giving up the canyon. Asel however, was unaffected and stood up to Vader, mostly out of ignorance of who he was. Vader sensed the force in Asel but knew that if he killed the oldest son of a Doshan Elder, the resulting conflict would not be too costly. Instead, Vader arranged for Asel to be taught to focus the force, so that one day, he would aid against the Emporer and allow Vader to control the Empire.

This arrangement involved Asel being sent to the Suarbi System, the region where the Jensaarai hid. Vader himself had killed the son of the Saari-Kaar, causing the group to go into hiding. Eventually, the Jensaari found Asel and accepted him into their teachings, believing Asel young enough to bestow their beliefs. There Asel trained untill he was 14, and the Death Star was destroyed. During those 10 years of training, Asel learned the technique of Force-Cloaking and Ballistakinesis, a force power invloving hurling a small object, such as a pebble, with the Force to accelerate its velocity to lethal speeds. But enroute to Corellia to purchase supplies, a Jensaari shuttle carrying Asel and his friends was hot down by an unknown Capital ship. To this day, Asel will trust neither the Empire nor Rebel Alliance, as both were in the System at the time.

Surviving the crash onto Corellia and abandoned, Asel was forced to sell his Jensaari armor to purchase a ticket back to the Suarbi System. Unfortunately, the transport was seized by pirates who had infiltrated the crew and hyper-spaced to Tatooine to deliver goods to Lady Valarian. Asel was forced to find work in Eisley, leading him to become a mercenary for Jabba the Hutt. Jabba, while greedy and malicious, Jabba came to like Asel for his ability to hold his own on missions. Asel worked excusively for Jabba for 2 years, and still returns when Jabba summons him. Due to his loyalty, Jabba has in turn assisted Asel when requested.

[more to come as i am tired of typing]

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Wouldn't it make sense as well to message Imperial alligned RP guilds as well? It seems to me the Jedi's role would be one that responds inbalance in peace. As for actual ceremonies, I think a monthly (weekly would be better xD) meeting of all high ranking light-side members as say the Jedi Enclave would make for both a good rp experience, and an ability to discuss subjects posted here. Of course, everyone should be invited so they can hold their own meetings and mingle with our guilds, liste...


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