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Greetings, I am Jedi Master Anethi Fox. Though Grand Master of our Order, I can only share with you of what I knwo to be true.

Starting from my time of entry, I was a redeemed Sith Lord, captured by a team led by at the time Grandmaster of The Jedl Order, JEDl Master O'lake. Who brought me in as I vowed to serve the Jedi. During my first tour of this Order. I witnessed enfighting that adventually led to the Order's ruin. It was not long that I found myself picking up the pieces along with a master knwon as Selcar. Like a good friend he had proven himself time and time again while I was stuck contemplating the lessons of the Sith teachings.

I do know that during the time of Jedi Master O'lake's leadership. Or Order was often assualted by a rising faction of a unkown SlTH cult. However like all other sith cults. They crumble as lesser beings concern themselfe with enfighting. Now when Master O'lake stepped down of leadership, he left the ORder's care in the hands of Jedi Master Selcar. Who proved to be more of a worthy leader then Master O'lake himself. during his leadership. The Order flurished once more with my help as I was left to aid at his side. Jedi Master Selcar accomplished a great deal before he too was found by old age. However, during his rein I soon fell to the as the darkside grew in me once more.

Once I made my leave, I was sure to keep tabs on the Order with a curious eye. As my own ambitions led me to my rewards, I also watched the Order fall apart once more. With MAster Selcar taking his leave, he left leadership with one known as Ev'ne, and she became the new Grandmater. she secretly relayed all material that was happening within the Order and as I watched. The Order grew stagnant and many more would leave again.

14 months would pass as I mastered all my lessons from my last Sith Master, and during my time away. I was sure to keep a sharp eye on the Order itself. But before I amde my return, I was served with a order to kill a Jedi Master by the name of Animare Echici. And during the my test she had forced a vision upon me, and one that guide me to the Jedi once more. Shortly after her defeat. I challanged my sith master and slew him. And once more, the vision was laid clear before me.

As I made myt return and centered myself in the Light, I began to search for those who were once apart of the Order to help rebuild it. During this phase, I also attrackted the notice of a rising 'Sith cult were they made relentless attacks againts us. During a sparring lesson at the hidden Jedi Enclave, the 'Sit made a surprized attack and claim the Enclave for there own. Nearly a week later, I traveld there with a hand full of Jedi padawans and there. The 'Sith layed in wait for our return. ONce there the 'Sith did hesitate to make there presence known. AS they pressumed to makes us bow before I was able to issue a open challange againts there trio. Having best there leader and 2nd in command and allowing the third to leave of her won free will. The Order was able to lay claim the Enclave once more.

Since then, many Force Sensitives have been drawn to us and many thanks to Jedi Master Kelnozz (Zzonlek). As I have also give thanks to thoise who have greatly improved the Orders standing.... [To be continued]

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